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2018 Great Plains 850TM

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Great Plains Kubota
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See this new Great Plains Mfg., 850TM vertical tiller at our Shawnee dealership off Hwy 177 and Acme Rd. Why choose vertical tillage? Because vertical tillage leaves a uniform, unrestricted soil profile that promotes maximum root development and increased yields. Plants raised in a vertical tillage system exhibit higher drought resistance, reach and utilize more nutrients, and have greater standability due to healthier stalks and root systems. A vertical tillage system requires producers to maintain uniform density in the soil profile. Vertical finish tools prevent the creation of additional compaction layers in the soil, especially after less-than-ideal planting or harvest seasons. Producers should consider several factors when selecting a vertical finish tool. For more info on this or any new Great Plains Mfg., equipment give our sales teams a call today.


Discover why there's more to the Max.

One of the industry-leaders in vertical tillage is the Great Plains Turbo-Max, offering both agronomic benefits of both spring vertical tillage and fall residue management. In the fall, the Turbo-Max can be run at an angle to bury more residue. This aids in the decaying process and pins the residue to the ground. In the spring, the Turbo-Max can be run straight to create the ideal seedbed to allow for precision planting.

The Turbo-Max is the ideal vertical tillage tool for min-tillers who want to size and anchor residue without aggressively working the ground in the fall. It vertically cuts residue and fractures the soil to create a smooth seedbed for uniform seed emergence. The Turbo-Max also does not create compaction layers, which allows roots to have the freedom to reach nutrients and moisture.

With new sizes and features, the Turbo-Max also offers producers more flexibility and control than ever before. With new working widths ranging from 8.5' to 48', operations of all sizes have access to these vertical tillage tools. Features like the hydraulically-adjustable tongue allow for easy front-to-back leveling and the new hydraulically-adjustable finishing reel helps prepare the optimal seedbed.

The Turbo-Max helps producers accomplish more with attachments like the Turbo-SeederTM, allowing producers to till and plant cover crops all in one pass. The hydraulically-adjustable gang angles cover residue in the fall at 3 to 6 degrees and prepare the ideal seedbed at 0 degrees. Turbo-Max blades are spaced 7½" apart on two rows of coulter gangs. Rear gangs offset the front gangs, splitting the blade spacing to 3¾" for superior residue sizing in one pass. Turbo-Max provides truly vertical cutting without the shearing caused by concave blades.

  • Hydraulically-Adjustable Gang Angle From 0-6° On-The-Go: Sizes and covers residue in the fall at 3° to 6° and prepares the ultimate spring seedbed at 0°.
  • Hydraulic Weight Transfer Is Standard (Models 18' And Larger): Creates an even and constant downforce across the entire width of the implement, assuring uniform penetration and eliminating the possibility for wings to float.
  • 7½" Blade Spacing: Turbo-Max features two gangs - each with 7½" spacing between coulters - with the rear gang offset from the front gang. The gangs work together to size residue to an industry-leading 3¾".
  • True Vertical Tillage Machine: With 20" Turbo Coulters spaced 7½" apart, Turbo-Max provides truly vertical cutting without the shearing caused by concave blades. Offset front and rear gangs achieve an effective residue cutting width of 3¾" when running at 0°, which is recommended for seedbed preparation.
  • Rolling Spike and Reel Rear Attachment: Rolling spike harrow tines split Turbo Coulters to ensure thorough mixing of soil and residue and provide a smooth, uniform seedbed for optimum planter performance. The rear reel leaves the surface planter-ready by firming soil, removing air pockets, and eliminating clods.
  • Hydraulic Tongue (Optional): Optional Hydraulic Tongue allows front-to-back leveling on-the-go from the cab of the tractor.
  • Hydraulic Reel (Optional): The optional hydraulic reel allows you to conveniently adjust down pressure or lift out of the ground with in-cab hydraulic operation. An easy-to-read pressure gauge allows for easy down-pressure monitoring from the tractor seat! This design maintains travel regardless of the selected down pressure. A hydraulic cylinder is used to preload down-pressure springs. When field conditions are not ideal, the harrow can be raised.
  • Exclusive Maintenance-Free Bearings: Reduce maintenance time and extend life of bearings. These 360° self-aligning bearings are never sideloaded. A six-lip seal on each side locks in grease and prevents contamination. Additionally, the walking beam pivots utilize Teflon™-coated bushings, eliminating the need for tapered bearings and grease in pivot points.
  • Model: 850TM
  • Coulter Spacing: 3¾ in. (2 offset gangs at 7½ in. spacing per gang)
  • Tires: 340/60R 16.5 (2)
  • Weight (Approx. Max Weight w/ Attachments): 7,500 lb.
  • PTO H.P. Req (Min): 85+
  • Tillage Width: 8 ft. 6 in.
  • Transport Width: 10 ft.
  • Transport Height: 5 ft. 4 in.
Tillage Info
  • Center Section: 8 ft.
  • 1st Wing Section: N/A
  • 2nd Wing Section: N/A



Working Width
8 ft. 6 in.
7,500 lb.
Recommended HP
85+ PTO hp

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