2011 John Deere 323D


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Put this used Deere 323D track loader to work for you! Stop by our Kubota dealership and put this 2011 Deere 323D used skid steer to the test. This used tack loader is in good shape, its an open ROPS model with only 1253 hours. Complete with a standard bucket and priced at $30,000 this used skid loader is ready to go to work on your next job. For more information on this or any used construction equipment available at Great Plains Kubota give us a call!


  • PowerTech™ E diesel engines meet interim Tier-4 regulations. Exclusive electronic injection delivers significant torque rise and more usable power. Saves fuel, reduces noise, and improves cold starting, too.
  • D-Series' unequalled ability comes from a design that optimizes hydraulics, lift capabilities, and pushing forces. Plus, they're still the most stable, and with generous ground clearance, work where others won't.
  • Choose from three styles of controls. Foot controls are standard. Or opt for hand-only controls, or electro-hydraulic (EH) joysticks for steering, forward/reverse, and boom/bucket functions.
  • Available EH Performance Package lets an operator customize operation and response such as maximum ground speed, boom and bucket speed rates, and joystick control patterns.
  • With 100-percent more front glass, 50-percent larger top window, and lower side windows, it's easy to see why all-around visibility is best in class.
  • Universal self-cleaning power Quik-Tatch™ lets you quickly change from bucket to whatever. With more than 100 Worksite Pro™ attachments, we've got what you need to expand versatility.
  • Noticeably larger entryway and all-glass curved door provide wide-open access. Getting in and out of our skid steers has never been easier.
  • All-new pressurized cab is 50-percent quieter. More spacious, too. We added six inches of headroom without compromising overhead clearance.
  • Standard amenities include storage box, cup holder, 12-volt power port, iPod™/cell-phone holder, and other nice details.
  • HVAC system delivers 50-percent more airflow. Eight automotive-style vents can be directed from head to toe, as well as on the front glass for effective defrosting and year-round comfort.
  • Industry-exclusive design separates coolers in an innovative V-shape configuration that's more efficient. Large hydraulic cooler and radiator provide the necessary capacity for high-ambient temperature operation.
  • Hydraulic-driven variable-speed fan runs only as fast or frequently as needed. Improves power and fuel efficiency while decreasing noise and debris flow through the coolers. Plus, it's programmable to periodically reverse to clear core-clogging buildup.
  • Servicing is simple and quick. There's no need to raise the boom for daily service or most periodic maintenance. Fluid-fill locations and checkpoints are grouped and color-coded. And a conveniently displayed maintenance chart helps ensure that nothing gets overlooked.
  • To help conserve fuel and prolong engine life, standard auto-idle reduces engine speed after the operator has vacated the seat. Full auto-idle (available with EH controls) slows the engine after five seconds of inactivity, and resumes preset engine speed with any movement of the joysticks.
  • Manufacturer: John Deere
  • Model: 4024HT
  • Gross Horsepower (kW): 68 (51)
  • Net Horsepower (kW): 63 (47)
  • Rated RPM: 2300
  • # Cylinders: 4
  • Displacement, cu in (L): 149 (2.4)
  • Engine aspiration: Turbo air-to air aftercooled
  • Cylinder Liner type: Parent bore block
  • Fuel Capacity, gal (L): 19 (72)
Hydraulic System
  • Standard Pump Flow, gpm (L/min.): 20 (76)
  • System Pressure, psi (kPa): 3,450 (23770)
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit, Std;Opt: Std
  • Hydraulic power, calculated, hp (kW): 40.2 (30.0)
  • SAE Rated Oper. Cap.(ROC)35% tip lb(kg): 2,295 (1041)
  • ROC at 50% of tipping load lb (kg): 3,279 (1487)
  • Tipping Load, standard, lb (kg): 6,557 (2974)
  • Boom, lb (kN): 3,700 (16.4)
  • Bucket, lb (kN): 5,600 (24.8)
  • Lift Arm Geometry: Vertical lift
  • Self leveling bucket, Std; Opt: Opt
Drive Train
  • Maximum First Gear Speed mph (kph): 6.1 (9.8)
  • Standard Rubber Track Width in (mm): 12.6" (320)
  • Ground Pressure, Standard Track psi: 5.4 (37.2)
  • Tractive Effort, lbs (N): 8,000 (35,584)
  • Track Gauge, center to center in (mm): 59" (1500)
  • Length with Bucket, in (mm): 132" (3350)
  • Length without Bucket, in (mm): 108" (2740)
  • Width without bucket, in (mm): 72" (1830)
  • Height to ROPS, in (mm): 79" (2010)
  • Height to Hinge Pin, in (mm): 118" (118)
  • Dump Height, in (mm): 95" (2410)
  • Dump Reach, in (mm): 28.4" (720)
  • Dump Angle, degrees: 42º
  • Bucket Rollback @ ground, degrees: 32º
  • Ground Clearance, in (mm): 9.8" (249)
  • Angle of Departure, degrees: 25º
Operating Weight
  • Operating Weight, Standard lb (kg): 8,550 (3878)



Engine Type
Engine Manufacturer
John Deere
Gross: 68 hp (51 kW); Net: 63 hp (47 kW)
Rated RPM
2300 rpm
Turbo air-to air aftercooled
Fuel Capacity
19 gal. (72 L)


SAE Rated Operating Capacity
2,295 lb. (1041 kg)
Bucket Capacity
5,600 lb. (24.8 kN)
Self Leveling Bucket
Max Ground Speed
First Gear: 6.1 mph (9.8 kph)
132 in. (3350 mm) with bucket; 108 in. (2740 mm) without bucket
72 in. (1830 mm) without bucket
79 in. (2010 mm) to ROPS; 118 in. to Hinge Pin
8,550 lb. (3878 kg)