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2010 Kubota L3540GST


710 Hours
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Great Plains Kubota
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Visit Great Plains Ada, or give our Ada sales team a call to learn more about this used Kubota L3540GST tractor for sale. This Kubota tractor is a 2010 model, and has only 710 hours on it's Kubota diesel. It features a hefty Kubota loader and bucket, along with folding ROPS, and digital dash. The glide shift transmission is easy to use and offers a wide range of working speeds. So, if your looking for a good used Kubota tractor look no further than Great Plains Kubota. At Great Plains we have a wide selection of new and used Kubota tractors like this 2010 Kubota L3540GST.


E-TVCS Diesel Engine: Kubota's Three Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS) allows for increased airflow into the combustion chamber, where it mixes quickly and evenly with fuel from the fuel injection nozzle to produce greater power, efficiency and cleaner emissions. The diesel engine system found in the new Grand L40 uses a larger displacement engine, and generates less noise and vibration. It exceeds CARB (California Air Resources Board) certification for ULF (Utility, Lawn and Garden engines below 25 Hp), considered the world's most stringent regulation for diesel emissions. High Torque Rise: Thanks to the reliable E-TVCS engine, the Grand L40 delivers increased airflow to its combustion chamber, where it mixes evenly with fuel from the fuel injection nozzle. This efficient system provides the user with a sustained higher torque rise, under heavy loads and at lower speeds, for optimum performance. Low Noise and Vibration: The advanced engine design of the Grand L40 reduces noise and vibration levels, which helps diminish operator fatigue. This is extremely helpful when working long hours. In fact, Grand L40 engine noise and vibration levels are significantly lower than those of competitors' conventional direct injection systems. HST Plus (Hydrostatic Transmission): Tackle any task with ease and efficiency. With startling precision, the new HST Plus's automated control of both the HST pump and motor gives you optimal performance, regardless of the task, working conditions, or operator expertise. This new technology incorporates the popular light and smooth pedal feel of Kubota's traditional HST to provide the Grand L40 with a more comfortable, easier-to-operate, and higher-performance HST than ever before. GST (Glide Shift Transmission): Kubota's exclusive GST features 12 gears and clutch less operation for maximum operator ease. And, thanks to its electronically controlled hydraulic system, the Grand L40's GST allows you to shift on the go with exceptional response. FST (Fully Synchronized Main and Shuttle Transmission): Kubota's economical FST delivers the smooth and efficient shifting of eight forward and eight reverse gears while on the move. The simplicity of its operation, its responsive directional changes with Shuttle Shift, and its reliability make the FST ideally suited for tillage and front loader work. Live-independent PTO: The hydraulically activated Live-independent PTO clutch allows both the rear and mid-PTOs to be independently engaged/disengaged while the tractor is still in motion. And because the levers located in a new, convenient position, activating the independent PTO is made even easier. In addition, a Neutral/Auto Shut-off system and protective flip-up shields are included for a full upgrade in total PTO safety and productivity. Mid-PTO (Optional): Kubota offers a semi-independent Mid-PTO for all Grand L40s that can be used with a variety of performance-matched mid-mount mowers, snow blowers or sweeper brooms. Telescopic Lower Link Ends: A wide range of implements can be used with the 3-Point Hitch. Quick and simple hook-ups can be achieved via the standard-equipped telescopic lower link ends. Front Loader Hydraulic Valve: Kubota has designed an integral Front Loader Valve as part of the tractor. With this valve, you can quickly and easily attach the front loader and other front-mounted implements. The valve promotes efficient, clutter-free operation and matches the sleek styling of the tractor. If you don't require a front loader or other front-mounted implements, an optional Diverter Kit is available to allow the loader valves to function as rear remotes. Remote Hydraulic Control Valves (Optional): Because the Grand L40's loader valve and control lever are integrated into the tractor as standard equipment, the control lever is positioned close to the operator for improved operability, easier access and less fatigue. 4-Wheel Drive: The 4-wheel drive of the Grand L40 provides superior pulling power and traction in almost any working condition. The front-wheel-drive bevel gear delivers a smooth and full-power transfer. Combined with its 55 in. steering angle and compact differential, the Grand L40's 4-wheel drive gives you the maneuverability and exceptional clearance you need for a wide range of applications. Grand Cab: The Grand L40 will offer a level of comfort that you simply won't expect and can't deny/ some of the highlights include comfortable deluxe seat and ample legroom so you can stretch you legs on the job. The size of the control panel has been increased, with easier access to the operational and hydraulic controls and levers. The air-conditioning unit has been relocated to provide greater head clearance, and we've improved it for better cooling performance. In short, it's a control center that's centered on you. And the interior trim, with a new lever guide and console design, gives the cab a sophisticated look. The Grand L40's all-new comfort cab design truly puts you in the lap of luxury. Ample Head Clearance: With increased head clearance for greater comfort and visibility, the Grand L40 Series gives you a wide-angle view of your landscape, and all the space you need to get the job done. Air Conditioning with Internal/External Air Ventilation: The cab's deluxe air conditioner/heater can increase cooling, heating, and air ventilation for greater climate control. You can switch between internal recirculation and external air ventilation: cool you cab quickly and thoroughly with internal recirculation mode, and the air in the cab will stay fresh. The dual-level AC system, with a 7 degree- 14 degree F temperature differential, directs cooler air to the operator's upper body while sending warmer air toward the feet. And the entire AC unit has been elevated to provide greater head clearance. Air Flow: Now you can have clean, filtered air in the cab, fresh from outside, with the simple flick of a switch. The increased ventilation helps prevent windows from fogging. Excellent Visibility: See you worksite in widescreen. The Grand L40 cab's elevated seat and curved, frameless open-glass windows and doors give users 360 degree visibility that virtually eliminates blind spots. You can check the front tire position or the operation of the rear implements with confidence. In addition, the tinted glass protects your eyes from the sun and helps keep the cab at a comfortable temperature, and the windows can be opened to provide excellent ventilation. Minimal Noise and Low Vibration: The large integrated cab, the engine, and the full-floating rubber cushion ISO-mounted platform all work to decrease tractor noise and vibration. A thorough refinement of the platform design has drastically reduced vibration and noise levels, making the Grand L40 one of the quietest tractors on the field. Lower noise and vibration levels mean more comfort and less fatigue, especially during prolonged tractor use. Full-open Hood: Kubota has completely revamped the Grand L40's front hood. Thanks to the large exterior air intake area, engine cooling performance has been significantly improved, allowing the tractor to work better in high temperatures. The all-metal, full open hood makes it simple to check the engine, the easy-to-clean radiator screen and air and oil cartridge type filter. With one-touch access, the on-piece hood opens wide to fully expose the engine area. Routine maintenance doesn't get much easier. In addition, Kubota has added all-new independent headlights. Engine/Transmission Oil Level Indicators: The engine oil dipstick is now located just below the hood, on the exterior right side of the tractor, while the transmission dipstick can be found on the exterior rear of the tractor. Both have been positioned for easy access. IntelliPanel: Menu button: A simple touch of the Menu's down button lets you make changes to the Standard Indicator's digital information screen; Column-type Combination Switch: This new combination switch allows you to operate the headlights and indicators with car-like ease; HST Response Control Dial and Mode Selection Button (only with HST Plus) Standard Indicators: Kubota's standard indicators display the Grand L40's current working condition, hour meter reading, traveling speed, PTO speed and operating status - all in universally recognizable and easy-to-read symbols. With one touch of the Standard Indicator's Menu button, you can change the panel's display to better manage tractor productivity, efficiency and safety. Warning Indicators: To keep the tractor running smoothly, the IntelliPanel's engine, fuel, temperature and oil warning indicators will activate and change accordingly. After which, you'll get convenient follow-up messages until service is completed. Scheduled Service Alert: The Grand L40 uses LCD readout to notify you of basic maintenance needs at scheduled intervals. Deluxe High-Back Seat: With its newly redesigned deluxe reclining seat, the Grand L40 offers the ultimate in working comfort. It features standard soft arm rests, wider seating, firm shock absorbing springs, a retractable seat belt and a weight-sensitive ergonomic design that adjusts to your unique posture. What's more, you can keep valuables and the operator's manual close at hand with our convenient seatback pocket. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Rounded Fender/Wide Step: The Grand L40's fender and wide step deck feature provide a larger, more comfortable step-through area. Power Steering: Responsive hydrostatic power steering makes every job easier. Straight-a-ways and tight turns alike are taken smoothly, while steering remains easy and worry-free when a heavy load is applied or the front loader is used. Tilt Steering Wheel: The Grand L40's tilt steering wheel delivers and extra-wide tilt angle for maximum comfort. You simply need to step on the adjustment pedal, tilt the steering wheel to select your ideal position, and lock for the most comfortable operating position. Step on the pedal again to unlock the wheel for easy tractor mounting and dismounting. Loader Control Lever Location: Because the Grand L40's loader valve and control level are integrated into the tractor as standard equipment, the control lever is positioned close to the operator for improved operability, easier access and less fatigue. Open-Floor Seat System: The Grand L40 features a removable seat panel that's positioned over the transmission to allow easier access and service of hydraulic valves and sensor-related components. Now, hydraulics maintenance has been simplified. It's just another way Kubota works to keep you in the driver's seat. Metal Hood/Fender: For expanded durability and lasting quality, Kubota uses sheet metal for its hoods and fenders.

    • Type: E-TVCS, indirect injection, vertical, liquid-cooled 4-cycle diesel
    • Engine gross power: 37 HP (27.6 kW)
    • Engine net power: 35 HP (26.1 kW)
    • PTO power: 29.5 HP (22 kW)
    • No. of cylinders/Aspiration: 3/Natural
    • Bore & stroke: 3.4 in. x 4.0 in. (87 x 102.4mm)
    • Total displacement: 111.4 cu. in. (1826cc)
    • Rated speed: 2,700 rpm
    • Battery: 12V, RC: 133 min, CCA: 582A
    • Alternator: 12V, 40A
    • Fuel tank capacity: 11.6 gal. (44 l)
    • Rear PTO Revolution: 1 speed; 540 rpm
    • Rear PTO Type: Independent
    • Mid PTO: Option
    • Mid PTO Revolution: 1 speed; 2,000 rpm
    • Lift control type (position): Standard
    • Lift control type (draft): Option
    • Implement pump: 8.3 gpm (31.5 l/min.)
    • Power steering pump: 4.9 gpm (18.6 l/min.)
    • Total hydraulic flow: 13.2 gpm (50.1 l/min)
    • 3-point hitch: Category 1
    • Lift capacity at 24 in. behind lift point: 2,646 lbs. (1,200 kg)
    Traveling System
    • Transmission: GST 12F/8R
    • Steering: Hydrostatic power steering
    • Brake: Wet disc type
    • Clutch: Dry type single stage
    Standard Tire Size
    • Front: 7.2-16
    • Rear: 12.4-24
    Travel Speeds
    • No. of speeds (at rated engine speed): 12 Forward/ 8 Reverse
    • Forward First: 1 mph (1.6 km/h)
    • Forward Second: 1.4 mph (2.3 km/h)
    • Forward Third: 1.9 mph (3.1 km/h)
    • Forward Fourth: 2.3 mph (3.7 km/h)
    • Forward Fifth: 2.8 mph (4.5 km/h)
    • Forward Sixth: 3.4 mph (5.4 km/h)
    • Forward Seventh: 4 mph (6.5 km/h)
    • Forward Eighth: 4.8 mph (7.8 km/h)
    • Forward Ninth: 5.7 mph (9.2 km/h)
    • Forward Tenth: 6.9 mph (11.1 km/h)
    • Forward Eleventh: 11.2 mph (18 km/h)
    • Forward Twelfth: 16.5 mph (26.6 km/h)
    • Reverse First: .9 mph (1.5 km/h)
    • Reverse Second: 1.4 mph (2.2 km/h)
    • Reverse Third: 2.2 mph (3.5 km/h)
    • Reverse Fourth: 3.2 mph (5.2 km/h)
    • Reverse Fifth: 4.7 mph (7.5 km/h)
    • Reverse Sixth: 6.6 mph (10.6 km/h)
    • Reverse Seventh: 10.7 mph (17.2 km/h)
    • Reverse Eighth: 15.8 mph (25.4 km/h)
    • Overall length (w/o 3P): 115 in. (2920mm)
    • Overall width (min. tread): 59.8 in. (1520mm)
    • Overall height (w/Foldable ROPS): 97 in. (2465mm)
    • Wheelbase: 71.1 in. (1805mm)
    • Min. ground clearance: 14 in. (355mm)
    • Front tire tread: 45.5 in. (1155mm)
    • Rear tire tread: 47.2 in. (1200mm); 51.2 in. (1300); 54.5 in. (1385mm); 58.3 in. (1480mm)
    Min. Turning Radius (w/brake, 4WD disengages)
    • 8.9 ft. (2.7m)
    Weight (with ROPS)
    • 3,296 lbs. (1,495 kg)
    Optional Front Loader
    • Front Loader Valve (Standard on Grand L40): Because the front loader valve is integrated into the tractor, instead of the loader, you can quickly and easily attach the front loader and other front-mounted implements.
    • Easy Operation: When the front loaders work hard, you don't have to. The easy motion of the single lever controls all front loader operations, even allowing simultaneous operation of the boom and bucket. If the loader's detached, the connecting valve remains mounted to the tractor for use with other implements, for greater convenience and efficiency.
    • Quick Attach/Detach: This convenient system saves valuable time by letting you attach and detach loader mounting pins and hose couplers from the driver's seat, without tools.
    • Third Function Valve (Optional): To broaden the scope and capabilities of your front loader applications, the Grand L40 is available with a third function valve.
    • Skid Steer-type Quick Coupler (Optional): The front loader can also be used with optional Skid Steer type attachments, such as buckets, pallet forks and bale spears. Simple to attach and detach, these handy options don't require the use of tools, saving time and effort.
    Optional Backhoe
    • You'll dig fast and deep with Kubota's "Performance-Matched" backhoes. Available in two digging depths, the 7.5 ft. and 9 ft. units are easy to attach and detach, and are operated by tractor hydraulics. Both deliver two-lever control for fast and smooth operation, and the tractor's outstanding hydraulic circuitry helps maximize productivity. Replaceable metal bushings are strategically placed at the pivot points to provide a "like new" fit for years of operation. In addition, a variety of bucket widths are available to match any job.
    Other Optional Implements
    • Land Pride L40 Box Scraper
    • Land Pride L40 Broadcast Spreader
    • Land Pride L40 Core Aerator
    • Land Pride L40 Disc Harrow
    • Land Pride L40 Flail Mower
    • Land Pride L40 Flex Mower
    • Land Pride L40 Food Plot Seeder
    • Land Pride L40 Grooming Mower
    • Land Pride L40 Landscape Rake
    • Land Pride L40 Post Hole Digger
    • Land Pride L40 Powered Rake
    • Land Pride L40 Quick Hitch
    • Land Pride L40 Rear Blade
    • Land Pride L40 Rotary Cutter
    • Land Pride L40 Rotary Tiller
    • Land Pride L40 Soil Pulverizor
    • Land Pride L40 Straw Crimper



    Engine Type
    E-TVCS, indirect injection, vertical, liquid-cooled 4-cycle diesel
    37 HP (27.6 kW)
    PTO HP
    29.5 HP (22 kW)
    Rated RPM
    2,700 rpm
    Bore and Stroke
    3.4 in. x 4.0 in. (87 x 102.4mm)


    71.1 in. (1805mm)
    97 in. (2465mm)
    59.8 in. (1520mm)
    3,296 lbs. (1,495 kg)
    Ground Clearance
    14 in. (355mm)
    Tire Size
    Front: 7.2-16; Rear: 12.4-24


    Fuel System
    Fuel Capacity
    11.6 gal. (44 l)
    GST 12F/8R
    Wet Disc Type